Mariel Barr


Mariel Barr's Story

Be a soldier in Mariel's army! Mariel's Friends & Family are uniting to raise money in support of Mariel's battle against breast cancer.

We, Mariel's family and friends, are inspired by the joy, love, friendship, positivity, beauty and strength that radiates from her. Who is Mariel? She is a courageous twenty six year old woman who will be undergoing a double mastectomy on June 24th to remove a tumor from one of her breasts. With no family history of cancer, it comes as a shock, as most cancer does, and her doctors have put together an agressive treatment plan which will last several years. During this devastating and challenging time in her life, Mariel continues to overflow with positivity, love and strength.

We seek to come together as Mariel's army and shower her with support. We come together as one community, across the world, to fight for Mariel and fight for all victims of cancer. We are unified through personal challenge. Be a soldier! Many of her friends and family have pledged a personal challenge to perform in her honor. What's the goal? To raise at least $12,000 in two months. We want to lesson her financial burdon, because insurance covers some, but certainly not all costs.

All remote challenges and events will take place during the month of August, when many of us come together to form a greater team and perform the personal challenges we have pledged in Mariel's honor. How can you get involved? You can donate your time by pledging a personal challenge or creating an event and help us fundraise towards our goal of $12,000. You can donate any amount, large or small, to Mariel's recovery fund. Visit the updates section to read about new personal challenges, events and more. E-mail us at if you wish to receive e-mail updates regarding upcoming personal challenges, events and more. We thank you for your generosity and support as Mariel battles breast cancer!

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